AADD was formed in 1973 when a group of five local families realized that their adult children were struggling to achieve independence and happiness following high school graduation.

Each week AADD empowers adults with developmental disabilities through education and social learning activities.

Facilitators attend all social learning activities with AADD members and supervise education sessions. Facilitators have professional degrees and expertise in education and related health and human services fields. Many have been with AADD for over ten years.

RAP Sessions

Weekly education sessions in three different locations: Spring House, Elkins Park, and Wynnewood on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. RAP covers a variety of topics related to self-determination and self-care, and offers a safe-space to discuss topics of interest and receive feedback from peers.

Social Learning Activities

Experience community outings, sporting events, theater, art, museums, and holiday parties with a group of around 40 members and staff. Members enjoy life in their community, build relationships with peers and mentors, and develop confidence and independence.

Yearly Vacations

Week long vacations, typically a cruise, with supervision by AADD staff. This extended social learning activity allows members to really gain independence and strengthen their friendships while caregivers can experience a truly unique extended respite.

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