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The AADD Annual Fund Gift

Have you recently met an individual with a developmental disability? They’re an exceptional group of very special people. Perhaps you wonder what life is like for them and their families as they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately, situations are often bleak for special needs individuals and their families. Nationwide, only 20% of this population are able to obtain employment. With no social outlet or financial independence, adults with conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down syndrome can easily fall into great physical and emotional turmoil as they age without support.

Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AADD) works to relieve special needs adults and their families from this turmoil. By providing targeted educational programs and weekend social learning activities to over 120 special needs adults, our organization plays a vital role in integrating our members into a society that many of us take for granted. At AADD our adult members have a safe place to meet and confide in each other while learning important life skills, making it possible for 70% of them to be gainfully employed.  

We need your help! The weekly educational discussions and social activities that our members have enjoyed for many years are becoming increasingly expensive. At the same time, many corporate and family foundations we have depended on in the past have lessened or even eliminated their giving amounts. This is why we are asking you to help leverage these costs. You can directly impact the life of a developmentally disabled adult in our community by selecting one of the choices on the form below and sending it back to us with your tax-deductible donation. 

On behalf of our members, families, and staff, we truly thank you for your support of AADD. Please call our office at 215-886-9990 with any questions or suggestions regarding the work we do.

Thank you for your support!

Larry I. Rubin

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The AADD Legacy Society

We acknowledge the generosity of donors who have make provision for AADD in their estate plans by including them in our Legacy Society

You can easily make a legacy gift to support AADD’s future. Your gift can make a difference – even a small amount can have a large impact over time. A simple directive in your will can offer much needed support to AADD and make a difference in the lives of our members and their families.  You can start today by making sure you have an up-to-date will or living trust reflecting your charitable intentions. You may want to contact your financial advisor, lawyer or accountant to get assistance with establishing a charitable gift. Remember to think beyond cash gifts – you can leave stocks, real estate and insurance policies to charitable organizations. You can also make your favorite charity a beneficiary of life insurance, a pension plan or an IRA.

For more information, please contact Rachel Kaufman, Executive Director, at 215-886-9990 ext.1 or rkafman@aaddpa.org


Make a Pledge!

    Register to Walk! - Click on Participate in this Thon Button
Register to  be a Cheerleader!

   Sunday, April 30
Kaiserman JCC - 45 Haverford Rd, Wynnewood, PA
2:00 - 4:30 PM

Please join AADD as we walk to raise funds to support our mission and recognize the lasting impact of several important individuals from our history.

The 2023 walk is named in honor of Marci Cherry, a beloved facilitator for AADD who lost her battle with cancer in 2021. Marci brought so much strength, enthusiasm, and passion to AADD, we are grateful for her memory.

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we will recognize three of the original AADD members who helped establish AADD in 1973 – Liz Forlini, Jon Garr, and Harriet London. 

Larry Rubin will receive the Godorov Award to commemorate his 14 years of leadership, dedication, and commitment as AADD’s former CEO.

Sponsorships available from $250 - $5,000!

Click here for more information.




Our volunteers are the heart and soul of AADD. Without your help, we could never achieve our goals. Thank you!  Click Here for the Volunteer Application.  Please send your completed application to:

Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
261 Old York Road, Suite 530
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046
Attn: Rachel Kaufman

There are currently no opportunities.

AADD Fundraisers

Although the individual dollar amount from each of these fundraisers is small, you may be surprised at the compound result when each of you does your part to partake in the fundraising opportunities listed below. Please, help us to support our members by doing what you can. Parents and caretakers especially this is an easy way for each of you to make a HUGE difference. Contact your family, friends and neighbors. We will be happy to send them a thank you from AADD!

Tribute Cards

Tribute cards may be ordered in packs of six for $50.00 or individually for $10.00. The cards are a lovely way to honor someone for a special occasion or to send as a sympathy card in memory of a loved one. Please call the office at 215-886-9990 ext. 2 to order.

Wawa Coupons

We are selling Wawa coupons for $4.00 each. Each coupon entitles you to a Shorti Hoagie. These are great holiday gifts! We will be selling these all year long. Please call the office at 215-886-9990 ext. 2 to order.

Gift Cards

Save time and support AADD by purchasing Gift Cards.
This fundraiser is now available YEAR ROUND!

Orders will be placed every Friday.

Order Gift Cards from 750+ top brands and help earn up to 20% for AADD

Step One: Click here to Download and Print the AADD Gift Card Order Form

Step Two: Mail in the 4 page Order Form with your payment* Check or Money Order Only
*We are not currently accepting Credit Card payments for GIft Card orders due to the fees involved which reduce the percentage earned in the fundraider for AADD

Step Three: Buy things with your GIft Cards

Any questions call 215-886-9990



Use CouponBirds to support
Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Since our organization went virtual last March we have been utilizing Bingo Fundraisers quarterly to make giving more fun, come together to be social in the safest way and of course WIN PRIZES!

Join AADD March, June, September and December to support our members and this organization.